ICDL Modules

ICDL programmes are for anyone who wishes to become fully competent in the use of a computer and common applications, in order to improve their personal and professional lives. ICDL modules provide a practical programme of up-to-date skills and knowledge areas which are validated by a test

    Base Module
    Standard Module
    Advanced Module

Andriod App Development

Certificate Programs

    Certificate in Internet & Email (E-Citizen)
    Certificate in Microsoft Office Application
    Certificate in Web Design
    Certificate in Graphic Design
    Certificate in Computerized Accounting

School Curriculum Programmes

    O-Level ICT
    A-Level ICT
    A-Level GIT

Kids programmes

    Kids Level 1
    Kids Level 2
    Kids Level 3
    Kids Level 4

English for Kids

    Grade 1
    Grade 2
    Grade 3
    Grade 4